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Bubble Free Bath Wash

#24 Bubble Free Bath Wash


Bubble-Free Bath Wash

Coconut Oil - moisturizes and softens also gives a lather

Palm Kernel Oil - gives a lather and luxurious feel

Vegetable Glycerin - softens and soothes

Aloe Vera Oil - rejuvenates, healing, reduces inflammation

Orange Blossom(neroli) Hydrosol - Floral water - anti stress and calming agent

Lavender Hydrosol - soothing and healing for fragile skin, purified floral water

Witch Hazel - anti-oxidant and astringent good for acne and eczema

Xanthan Gum - sugar that helps thicken and hydrate, keeps product from separating

H2O - Water for hydration

Rosemary Extract - Natural Preservative, antioxidant

Green Tea Extract - anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory

Roman Chamomile - allergies, calm inflamed skin(eczema)

Lavender- calming, eczema, skin irritations

Neroli - helps regenerate skin cells, smoothes skin, calming and relaxing

Vanilla - nature’s fragrance that adds a warmth




common irritant to sensitive skins. Bubble-Free is a non-foaming multi-use rinse.


Tips for Bubble-Free Bath Wash:

Warm wash up in the palm of hands to create a light lather

Works both as a hair and body shampoo

Use in the shower for the whole family as a bath wash

Size: 12 oz / 360 ML

Bubble-Free Bath Wash calms, cleans and soothes skin without the use of sodium laurel sulfate which is a



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