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Super Smoothie Cream 4oz

#25 Super Smoothie Cream 4oz

Sweet Almond Oil - lightweight & emollient

Organic Hemp Oil - anti-inflammatory, balances dry skin, helps heal skin lesions, has anti-oxidants and moisture balancing


Shea Butter - hydrates and softens, helps with rashes, acne, anti-inflammatory

Avocado Oil - moisturizes and nourishes & helps to rejuvenate skin

Sunflower Oil- helps retain moisture and acts as a protective barrier for sensitive skins

Vegetable Glycerin - helps skin retain moisture in the skin

Calendula Oil - helps with inflamed skin, softens and soothe

H2O - water, hydration

Vegetable Wax - used as a thickener & adds moisture

Grapefruit Seed Extract - anti oxidant, purifying, anti-bacterial fighter, natural preservative

Roman Chamomile - allergies, colic, dermatitis, inflamed skin

Vanilla - natures fragrance which adds warmth

Lavender - skin irritations, colic, earaches

Neroli - depression, insomnia, stress

Tea Tree Oil - anti bacterial, anti-inflammatory


Super Smoothie Cream is an incredible natural moisturizer for all skins containing anti-inflammatory, purifying

Warm up in fingertips allowing the oils to combine together for the product to work more efficiently.

Never leave in direct sunlight or extreme heat.


Tips for Super Smoothie Cream:

and yet moisturizing and nourishing ingredients that have been combined together to give ultimate results for different skin

conditions. Diaper rash, baby acne, eczema, insect bites, rashes and flare-ups all benefit from applying the Super Smoothie


Super Smoothie Cream

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